never ending way
People lying on the ground as a "pavement" in a connection path in the Museum


Concept for the Saarländische Künstlerhaus Saarbrücken, coal on the floor, moving textile webs


facades and other buildings
Concept against property speculation in Istanbul, real facade elements from abandoned historic wooden houses assembled on a glass facade


Performance with a turkish academic charwoman, crashed Mercedes Benz car in a dust-proof room


in free fall
Geometrically distorted railings in free fall


Proposal for the Museum der Arbeit in Hamburg, film walls as a labyrinth printed with queues of people seeking employment


face and other books
Video camera, scanner, synchronous Internet search, video projectors and screens


Container, video cameras, projectors and computer for data synchronization


Hospital and nursing beds as an installation


Reflection of a real ceiling construction


Plastic tunnels, artificial turf, artificial flowers, trash cans with text information


journey to nowhere
Escalators, reduced at the core mechanical