Erdogan FanShop
Shop window labelling, 15 Turkish flags, blowers, 50 representative names of defendants and detainees


Landesgalerie im Traklhaus, Salzburg, financial scandal Salzburg, 350 million euro banknotes with 3.6 tons


Laboratory for interactive perception
Art Society in the MIK Museum, Ludwigsburg, foil cube 6.00 x 6.00 x 3.00 m, fan in two directions


New Art Forum, Cologne, 920 m2 shower curtains, 6 Kärcher machinery, 2 fog machinery, pipes and tightrope system


ART Hall St. Annen, Luebeck, pylon 220 KV as a cross in the former Monastery Church, 39 m/ 18 m, with insulators and conductor cables


the full outlook!
Art Museum „Im Kulturspeicher“, Wurzburg, in time video installation with 2 outside cameras and exchanged sides


oil track
Art Museum Solothurn, Solothurn (CH), 80 m oiled barriers


available option
Art Society Worms, 60 m2 printed films with quotes from sociologist L.-M. Agustín, Cube 4/4 m with original furniture and personal items of a prostitute


lost in view
Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Genua,80 m tunnel system, 4 real windows in combination with 4 "video windows"


self- sufficient
Lavra, Municipal Gallery Kiev, 250 m2 printed films


service and advice is included
Regensburg, Neuer Kunstverein Films, posters and furniture


2,6 kWh
Trier, GB. Art Association, ventilation pipes, 144 m, d = 50 cm, combined heat - cooling machine


as sweet as we can
Tallinn, Art Hall Gallery, sugar cubes 60/ 60/ 60 cm, infusion bags with fruit juice


Cube - März Gallery Mannheim, sealing, 1.5 tons of molasses, plexiglas, fluorescent tubes


St. Petersburg Museum of Nonconformist ART, cube 3/ 3/ 3 meters, printed grid, shopping cart


last exit
Kunstverein Neckar Odenwald, 100 m oiled barriers


the sea has gone
Art Festival "Sea Level", St. Petersburg, 10 tons of seasalt, ship's propeller


wolnosc / freedom
Gorzow , BWA Gallery, 350 square corrugated iron, height 3 m


chess - game of kings
Lublin, BWA Gallery, blood and oil, acrylic glass, size 10 m2


building site
The artist's studio, wooden pillars, lamps, tape


BWA, City Gallery of Wroclaw, tarp 10/ 8 meters, rubber dumbbells


the last supper
Poznan, Contemporary Art Gallery, chairs, tables, fast food, signs