Museum Blue Schwetzingen, occasion of the exhibition "200 years two-wheeler", neon design, length 1.80 m


Private public partnership
Construction placard at the Galeria Awangarda, European Capital of Culture Wroclaw with the "wrong" information of a conversion into a McDonald's


I believe in God
Frauenkirche Dresden, anti-Pegida action, 175 Muslim prayer rugs, 1 rug "I believe in God"


Künstlerhaus Dortmund, action against torture, naked man, supervisory staff, glass plate 2, 20 x 1, 80 m, metal anchor


everything will be fine
Video: Russian soldier in Ukraine, 20 Ukrainian uniforms, washtub, washboard, bucket


deception and other maneuvers
Saarländisches Künstlerhaus, Saarbrücken, newspaper and internet ads, folders, posters, panels, lettering, climbing wall


Potemkin Stairs in Odessa, wheelchair, Russian flag


the food is prepared
Art Museum Solothurn, Solothurn (CH), sugar cubes 60/ 60/ 60 cm locally produced


special ride
At the Museum Kulturspeicher in Wurzburg, Ukrainian city buses, signs


games go on – Kiev, Babi Jar 1941 - 2012
Video, soccer field in Kiev with players in german jerseys from 1941 with names and dates of the crimes against humanity, 1941-2012


everything will be fine
Poznañ, Gallery Profil, video short version


goats do not roar
Video, wood frame, wild flowers, goat


under the rule of law
Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg, „Raumtransporter“, two construction signs 2m/ 3m, white crosses on trees


Homage to Sergiej Eisenstein
Potemkin Steps Odessa, cube 6/ 6/ 6 m, flowers, baby carriage


meadow in the square
Inner city of Mannheim, 400 Meadow squares 1/ 1m


Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, 100 young people in Bags


up and away
Dilsberg, RNK Art Foundation, 200 m / 1.50 m stainless steel


sky dehumidifiers
Schwetzingen Castle, 100 meters industrial hose, pump


Mainz Cathedral, 12 historical baby carriages in a tree, mounting parallel to Thansgiving Mass


wolnosc/ freedom
WroclawNonStop, beer garden chairs, 4 carpets per 4/ 3 m


the traffic risk
Gate Heddesheim, action against German decree to eliminate “dangerous” art objects in roundabout traffic spaces


sweet gutter
City Gallery Mannheim, sugar cube 60/ 60/ 60 cm, 14 m sewage pipe d = 80 mm with connection to the gutter